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Monday, November 25, 2013

Judy #29

Judy was one of the first classmates living in Florida to contact me. We spoke on the phone several times getting to know each other. She was quite helpful in connecting me with other classmates with whom she thought would want to participate. 

The reason that I describe her as jubilant is because at the time of the shoot, she had just completed a MAJOR medical procedure. She is one strong woman to go what she went through and still be willing to come to the shoot. 

I enjoyed meeting Judy and getting to know her better. Her positive attitude, sweet personality, and beautiful smile were reflected in this image. Judy, thank you for coming to the shoot and being part of the project. Stay well!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Jenni #28

When I was planning this Florida trip, I needed to find a beach on the gulf coast that would be convenient for four of our classmates. I googled "cute beaches near St. Petersburg" and this one came up, Pass-A-Grille. I had never heard of it, but I notified all four friends and set a date and time for the shoot. Had I know that I would have to cross that bridge from hell, also know as the Sunshine Skyview Bridge, I can guarantee that I never would have gone there. Never. (There are lots of videos about it on YouTube, but this one is short.

As luck would have it, I didn't have a heart attack and my legs stopped shaking enough to enable me to walk around and find a suitable location. After the equipment was unloaded, I perched myself on a park bench and waited. 

The first to arrive who was driving a snazzy convertible with the top down, of course, and wearing a fedora, was Jenni Cunningham. 

Jenni is a hoot! Happy, confident, caring and generous are just a few words that describe her. Bottom line...she is a good person. Thanks, Jenni for being part of this group and making the shoot so much fun. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ray #27

Penny and I met Ray at his home in Estero Beach right after he played a round or two of golf. What a good sport! I know, you know, and the American people know that posing for my project was probably the LAST THING that he wanted to do, but he did. 

This image was taken in the back of his condominium just when the sun was starting to set...a perfect time of day. 

Guys are so easy to Ray, they follow directions EXACTLY as directed. I have a theory about that. Do you think they will do anything to speed the process along so they can get away from the camera? Hummm. To me, his session took what seemed like two Ray, it was probably an hour! I was able to capture the sun setting behind him, but that will be in the book and it will be beautiful. 

So, there's Ray. Reliable, because he did what he said he was going to do when I was just starting this and that was to be a part of my project. Responsible, because he just is. He has a blog, read Radiant, because he posed right after playing golf all afternoon. He had a little sun on his face and happiness was reflected in his eyes...he must have had a good score!

We ended the session with a glass or two of wine with Candy, his wife, and two friends who were visiting from Virginia. Thanks, Ray for taking the time to be a part of this. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Penny #26

Here is Penny Gail Ginger, my friend of many, many years. We lived in the same neighborhood as children, went to Simms Elementary, but lost contact when I moved and went to Miller and then Cammack.  Four years after my move, we were back together, hitting the halls of HHS! The memories we share of those years are priceless. After graduating from high school, we both went to Marshall and spent the summers working in Myrtle Beach.("May I take your order?"...if you know what I mean.) Well, one thing led to another and the next thing I knew, Penny, Barbara, Mary and I landed in Atlanta to seek fame and fortune. Needless to say, that didn't happen, but there are lots of stories to tell, but that would take hours or days or even months. Really. 

After thirty or so years, Penny moved from Atlanta to Fort Myers. Judging from this image, Florida seems to be working out for her. I shot this image in Ray Nasser's backyard in Estero Beach. 

I should have known that she was going to wear's her favorite color. It all started when she pledged Tri Sigma in college, but she'll deny that. I must admit that the color looks great on her. Her eyes are bright, her cheeks are blushed and her lips are pink! Great smile, Penny! You are lookin' good! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Linda #25

Now I know that we don't carry around our Webster's everywhere we go, so I'll help you out with this one. Lambent means beaming, luminous and radiant. There you are and there is Linda Lilly Kelly.  

After hanging around Palm Beach with Sandy, I hopped in the car and headed south to Boynton Beach to "shoot" Linda. She gave me great directions and before I knew it I was in her neighborhood knocking on her door. 

Her home has lots of trees and flowers that make it easy to take great shots. Of course, her colorful sweater that matched her beautiful blue eyes, and her pink lipstick added a lot of "pop" to this colorful shot. 

Although we only had a short time, I loved seeing and talking with her. She is such a sweet person who I appreciate being a part of my project. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sandy #24

After spending the evening with two family friends in Port St. Lucie, I ventured to West Palm Beach the next day to photograph Sandy Smith Coster. She gave me directions to a baptist church where we were to meet. Wouldn't you know it, by the time I got there the service was over and there were people everywhere! We finally found each other thanks to cell phones! Thank goodness, her friend, Bill, was willing to chauffeur us as we scoured for locations. West Palm Beach and Palm Beach are two beautiful much to choose from and so little time. 

We finally settled on the historic hotel, The Breakers. I know this is awful to say, but it looked to me like you had to have had some serious work done (if you know what I mean) or you must be over 80 to stay there, but the grounds and the interior are ideal for portraiture photography. 

This image of Sandy was taken in an outdoor cafe connected to the hotel. Her red jacket against the green foliage was a photographer's dream.  And speaking of a photographer's dream, I was able to capture the sparkle in Sandy's big brown eyes. Notice how her hair matches her eyes...she looks gorgeous! The image that I'll put in the book was taken in the lobby. Get ready. 

After our session, we went back to West Palm Beach and had lunch at a restaurant across from the waterway. So beautiful. Thank you Sandy and Bill for showing me your beautiful city and for the lunch! It was wonderful seeing you and getting a peek into what you've been up to in the last 40 or so years!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

exquisite Elaine #23

After leaving Ponce Inlet, I was back on 95 heading for Sebastian. This was an extremely meaningful shoot for me because I was photographing my long-time friend, Elaine Murphy Napier. I remember when I first met her...or at least I think I do. We were in the second grade and lived only a block from each other. Those childhood summers were magical. Elaine, my cousin Jackie, and I spent summer evenings playing hide and seek with the other neighborhood kids until it got dark. During the day, when the sun became too hot we played jacks and pick up sticks on my grandmother's front porch...the concrete was cool and smooth. When it rained, we built dams in the street getting muddy, but having a great time! I can remember playing "movie stars," "robin hood," "store," "school," "beauty shop," and even "cowboys, and indians." I wish I still had my turquoise Annie Oakley holster. 

It had been several, maybe 15 years, since we had seen each other, but we picked up where we left off. We talked as fast as we could to catch up on each other's lives. As always, Elaine let me be the bossy one as I told her to stand here, turn here, tilt your head this way, put your glasses on, take your glasses off and smile, smile, smile! 

After I finished photographing her we had a few minutes to sit and talk a little longer. Larry, her husband joined us and Michelle, her younger daughter, stopped by with her darling baby boy. I'm sorry that I missed seeing her older daughter, Nancy. There just wasn't enough time. 

Elaine is and always has been a beauty...inside and out. Some things never change. Love you, babe. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

wild Wayne #22

It was day 2 of the Florida shoot and I was on my way south on 95 to Ponce Inlet, where I was going to meet Wayne Ernest, his wife Peggy, Lynn Reeser Fischer and her family. Lynn suggested this area and I'm so glad she did. Although it's not the easiest to find if you haven't been around Florida, it was truly a beautiful location. The inlet is separated from Daytona Beach by the Halifax River. Unfortunately I didn't have time to photograph the bright red lighthouse; there was never enough time. 

Wayne was such a good sport. He allowed Lynn, Peggy, and I to primp a little and make a few adjustments. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it? After a few minutes, I captured that handsome smile and perfect pose. Doesn't he look great in that bright green shirt? I also love those cool non-glare glasses. That made my processing so much easier! 

I can't forget to thank Lynn's husband, Bob, for holding the reflector. That was no easy job, and I really appreciate it! Bet you're wondering why I titled this "wild Wayne"...well, he surprised us with one pose that I DID NOT suggest. Scroll down and you'll see it. He was a hoot!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

fantastic Fred #21

You gotta love him! Fred is one of the happiest, most likable, generous and patient guys I know. Okay, maybe I'm not 100% sure on the patient scale, because he plays golf, and we all know what can happen on the golf course. Now I'm sure he wouldn't throw his golf club and shout obscenities like Tiger, or...maybe I need to think this through.  

During this shoot, there were three women watching and two giving orders, but it didn't bother him at all. It was important to capture his smile and I think I did. Do you see that twinkle in his eye? 

Fred, it was wonderful seeing you again. Thanks for being a part of this project and thanks for letting me stay at Club Fred! You don't really throw your clubs, do you?

merry Mary #20

After a month of planning, I finally made it to Florida. I spent the first night with Mary and Fred in Ponte Verda. Visiting them is like going on a vacation. Mary makes sure that all of her guests are having a good time, and that includes having plenty of wine! Love it! 

I took this shot of Mary soon after we arrived. The lighting was perfect. Standing in this shady spot, away from the sun, helped me to focus on her bright blue eyes. When I was talking with her the other day, I mentioned that I had never noticed just how blue her eyes were. I mean, we lived together for several years in Atlanta, and I never noticed! That's the truth. I loved the pop of color on her lips...just the right touch. 

Mary, thanks for making my first Florida shoot a great one. Oh, one more thing. Can Tom and I move into the cabana? 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

joyful Jennifer #19

For as long as I've known her, Jennifer has had a great sense of humor. In this image, I tried to capture her cheerfulness and her joyful spirit, and judging by that pretty smile on her face, I think that was accomplished. 

This picture was taken in Charlotte during one of my quick trips and I was so glad that we could meet and squeeze in her photo shoot. 

Jennifer, thanks for waiting so patiently for me. I hope you think it was worth it! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

prudent Priscilla #18

I'll bet you five dollars that you thought I was going to title Priscilla's shoot, "prissy Priscilla" which she's not, or "pretty Priscilla" which she is, but I think prudent just fits. Discreet and sensible...that's her; she's also so darn sweet. After photographing thirteen classmates in two days, I was starting to drag a little and then came Priscilla, accompanied by my long-time friend, Judy Stark Conard. Seeing Judy brought back so many happy memories...I remember riding to Miller Elementary with Mrs. Stark and Judy every day for a year. This was such a luxury because for the first five years of elementary, I walked with the neighborhood kids to Simms cars, no buses, just our feet! 

Back to Priscilla. Like so many other classmates, she agreed to lots of poses in different areas of the school. I think we would all agree that she looks much like she did in high school (only better) with her pretty brown hair and big brown eyes. 

Thanks for making my last Huntington shoot so easy! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

marvelous Marsha #17

And that is what she is...marvelous. Such a seriously sweet person and so full of joy. Her eyes sparkle and her face lights up with that bright green jacket. She also wore a unique necklace that doesn't show in this image, but it will in the image that I hope to put in the book. As with most of the classmates, which I photographed at our old HHS building, we moved all over the steps. This one was taken on the street level, shaded from the sun, that was just appearing overhead.  

Thanks, Marsha for taking the time to come to the shoot. I'm sure you would rather have been playing golf!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

lovely Linda #16

I was fortunate to photography Linda on the same day as Tia and Karen. As I mentioned before, the conditions, as far as lighting goes, were almost perfect. Linda was so easy to work with...such a delight to shoot...very agreeable. With her height, I thought the stairs pose would be effective, and I was right! Her eyes popped and her smile was contagious. 

Although she was on a tight schedule, she acted as though she was  in no hurry. I loved hearing about all of the cities she has lived in, as well as her different careers. Thanks, Linda! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

the very capable Karen #15

When I started planning my trip to Huntington last fall, I had a few problems getting in touch with a few of our classmates who I thought would want to be part of this project. Several friends offered to help with the search, but I soon discovered that Karen was my "go to". The girl can find anyone. She gave me phone numbers and even called a few herself. 

I photographer her at the perfect time of day...not a lot of sun and just a few clouds. As you can tell, she's very photogenic. 

Thanks for all of your help, Karen. I hope you'll be around to help me beat the bushes when I return in early May!

Friday, March 1, 2013

terrific Tia #14

This pose was an experiment. I never shoot up on an adult, but we were playing around, and it worked! Tia had a few requests and I did my best to comply. She made me laugh during this entire session...hard to take pics when you're laughing so.darn.hard! I focused on her blue eyes because they were so bright and beautiful! I need to thank Karen for lending her the red coat...made the whole image pop. 

Tia, you made my day. Thanks for participating.

Monday, February 11, 2013

serene Sharyn #13

Sharyn came to the shoot late in the day. You would think that she would be tired and maybe a little weary after working all day, but NO, not Sharyn! She looked great...bright blue sweater and a smiling face. Judging from the condition of her flawless skin, she didn't spend hours on the beach slathered in iodine and baby oil like some of us. Smart girl.  She was calm and tranquil during entire shoot; she just went with it. 

All of my classmates have been so much fun to shoot, and Sharyn is one that made it fun AND easy. Thank you Sharyn for coming to the shoot even though it was chilly. You could have been in your warm home, but you took the time to come to the shoot and I appreciate it! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

lovely Lynn #12

The title was going to be "lovely leaning Lynn," but that just sounded wrong, so I went with lovely Lynn. This pose may look easy, but it's a little complicated. She needed to look relaxed and natural, but that's easier said than done because of the dapples...the spots of sun peeping through the bushes and landing right on her face. So the only way to get the shot was to have her lean her head on the railing without looking like a contortionist! Not that it's a bad thing, mind you, just not in this pose or in the project. I read a trilogy this summer that actually describes contortionist postures, but we'll just let that go. 

I hope Lynn's image reflects her quiet and thoughtful spirit. When she looks at you through her twinkling eyes, you know that she "gets" it. That pink sweater next to the aging railing with the green grass in the background created an amazing, colorful photo. 

Lynn, thanks for all of your help and your support. Hope to see you in Florida in two weeks! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

bubbling Barbara #11

I really wanted to title this "bubbly Barbara," but after checking my trusty Random House College Dictionary, there was no bubbly to be found, so I just went with bubbling. The dictionary defines bubbling as, "to act or exist in a lively, sparkling manner; exude cheer." That's Barbara. She makes me laugh. 

During her shoot, we tried several locations around the school. The sun, who I thought was my friend, turned on me, so we experimented inside the building. I don't even remember this stairwell...I just remember the ones at the end of the halls. Barbara was so much fun to shoot. 

In this shot, she looks like she's in deep thought. Just between us, she was trying her best to hold still because the lack of light causes the shutter to slow, thus shake, resulting in a blur, and we don't want to blur her pretty face! 

Thanks, Barbara. Again, you make me laugh now and you made me laugh then. See you in April!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mary, Mary, quite... #10

If there is anything that Mary Clay isn't, it's contrary! Since Mary Clay was a kindergarten teacher, I thought this title was apropos. Her easy-going manner made her a joy to photograph. She has a beautiful smile and when she laughs, her entire face lights up! 

Thanks, Mary Clay, for being part of my project, and a big thanks for remembering and mentioning my unattainable future plans that I told you about almost fifty years ago. I'm soooo glad that didn't happen! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the many poses of Marilyn #9

Here's what I learned about Marilyn...she is organized, energetic, and task-orientated. I know this because I keep up with her on Facebook and just working with her for thirty minutes confirmed it. Maybe she's just a natural "poser," but whatever it is, it worked. Because she was comfortable with the camera RIGHT IN HER FACE, I was able to get several shots that I really like. 

Marilyn, your energy is contagious. Thanks for participating. 

the snazzy Suzanne #8

Now just check out this cute and sassy pose! Suzanne was so much fun to shoot...and she was stylin'...sorry that you can't see her boots...maybe I shouldn't have cropped this image. As you all know, Suzanne oozes sweet and I think that's evident in this image. She is just as cute now as she was in 65! 

Suzanne, I really appreciate your participation. You made it fun for me. 

the benignant Betsy #7

Betsy's shoot was at high noon. The sun was directly over the building, so we moved to the ground level and shot to the right of the arch. Those of you who attended HHS know where I'm talking about. Although I hadn't seen Betsy in almost fifty years, I would recognize her in a minute! She still has that flawless pale skin, beautiful blue eyes and blond hair...she's one of those natural blonds. It was a joy to catch up with her, but there just wasn't enough time...can't do much in an hour! 

Betsy, thanks for participating. Hope to see you in the spring.

the very dignified Dewey #6

Dewey has got to be THE MOST PATIENT PERSON in the entire world. Really. At the shoot, I had a notebook of poses that I wanted to try on him and he was willing to comply. What a guy! He is probably one of those guys who would agree to eat pizza when he really wanted know, easy, easy going. I love this shot of the background, too. The sun in peeking out and minutes away from blowing out the building. Got it in the nick of time!

A huge thanks Dewey for your generosity and willingness to help with my project. 

then came Betsy #5

It was a delight to shoot Betsy. Although it was still early(10:30) and quite chilly (high 40's), she was willing to try every pose I presented. I think this image reflects her sophistication and calm spirit. But, you can't miss those blue eyes and rosy cheeks!

Thank you, Betsy, for agreeing to be part of my project!

Friday, January 11, 2013

the Huntington shoot begins with Edna #4

After confirming sixteen class members, I drove to Huntington on November 1st. On the way to the hotel, I stopped at the high school to look at the condition of the stairs and the portico since I was going to take the shots outside.  When I attended Huntington High, I don't remember thinking that the architecture was anything special, but as I stood on the sidewalk on Eighth Street, I was amazed at what a beautiful building it was and still is; it has withstood time and maintained its beauty. The replacement windows and doors made me a little sad...I was hoping to see the original doors and windows, but that was too much to ask for since the building is over one hundred years old! I doubt if Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams have a paint that could have saved the doors...okay, maybe the Martha Stewart brand at Home Depot could, but it was too late. I'm just kidding.

The morning of November 2nd, I arrived at Huntington High early to set up. I met the woman in charge of the apartments for the Housing Authority and Patty Justice who volunteers for the theater group that is housed there. Patty offered to show me around the building and unfortunately during my tour, my first shoot came and left because she couldn't find me! That would be Edna. Fortunately for me she reappeared and we were able to talk and shoot and talk and shoot. 

Edna was so much fun to photograph. Notice the red and blue? How appropriate!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

the chip shot #3

I don't know that much about golf, so instead of writing about Tiger and his pals, I'll just go ahead with my plan and write about my classmates...this one is about Chip.

About a week after I sent out the letter on Facebook, I got a call from Chip telling me that he would be driving through Atlanta with his father and would be able to stop for his shoot. He lives near Nashville and was traveling home from Florida. 

He and his dad arrived in my driveway on a sunny morning in early September. When I met his dad I offered them the opportunity to photograph the two of them before shooting Chip by himself. They agreed, and off we went to the garage. 

His dad had a wonderful friendly and happy and willing to do what I asked. He was wearing a blue oxford shirt, khaki pants and a hat! Such a cool guy! After I took several shots of them, his dad went back to the comfort of the car and waited...patiently. 

Then it was Chip's turn. What can I say, the guy loves the camera. Because we had an hour or so to shoot, I took over a hundred shots in a bunch of different poses. This is one of many that I like. Don't ya wonder what he's thinking?

This was a fun shoot. I loved hearing his stories...he has many. What an interesting life he has far.

Next post: the Huntington shoot begins with Edna