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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

merry Mary #20

After a month of planning, I finally made it to Florida. I spent the first night with Mary and Fred in Ponte Verda. Visiting them is like going on a vacation. Mary makes sure that all of her guests are having a good time, and that includes having plenty of wine! Love it! 

I took this shot of Mary soon after we arrived. The lighting was perfect. Standing in this shady spot, away from the sun, helped me to focus on her bright blue eyes. When I was talking with her the other day, I mentioned that I had never noticed just how blue her eyes were. I mean, we lived together for several years in Atlanta, and I never noticed! That's the truth. I loved the pop of color on her lips...just the right touch. 

Mary, thanks for making my first Florida shoot a great one. Oh, one more thing. Can Tom and I move into the cabana? 

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