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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mary, Mary, quite... #10

If there is anything that Mary Clay isn't, it's contrary! Since Mary Clay was a kindergarten teacher, I thought this title was apropos. Her easy-going manner made her a joy to photograph. She has a beautiful smile and when she laughs, her entire face lights up! 

Thanks, Mary Clay, for being part of my project, and a big thanks for remembering and mentioning my unattainable future plans that I told you about almost fifty years ago. I'm soooo glad that didn't happen! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the many poses of Marilyn #9

Here's what I learned about Marilyn...she is organized, energetic, and task-orientated. I know this because I keep up with her on Facebook and just working with her for thirty minutes confirmed it. Maybe she's just a natural "poser," but whatever it is, it worked. Because she was comfortable with the camera RIGHT IN HER FACE, I was able to get several shots that I really like. 

Marilyn, your energy is contagious. Thanks for participating. 

the snazzy Suzanne #8

Now just check out this cute and sassy pose! Suzanne was so much fun to shoot...and she was stylin'...sorry that you can't see her boots...maybe I shouldn't have cropped this image. As you all know, Suzanne oozes sweet and I think that's evident in this image. She is just as cute now as she was in 65! 

Suzanne, I really appreciate your participation. You made it fun for me. 

the benignant Betsy #7

Betsy's shoot was at high noon. The sun was directly over the building, so we moved to the ground level and shot to the right of the arch. Those of you who attended HHS know where I'm talking about. Although I hadn't seen Betsy in almost fifty years, I would recognize her in a minute! She still has that flawless pale skin, beautiful blue eyes and blond hair...she's one of those natural blonds. It was a joy to catch up with her, but there just wasn't enough time...can't do much in an hour! 

Betsy, thanks for participating. Hope to see you in the spring.

the very dignified Dewey #6

Dewey has got to be THE MOST PATIENT PERSON in the entire world. Really. At the shoot, I had a notebook of poses that I wanted to try on him and he was willing to comply. What a guy! He is probably one of those guys who would agree to eat pizza when he really wanted know, easy, easy going. I love this shot of the background, too. The sun in peeking out and minutes away from blowing out the building. Got it in the nick of time!

A huge thanks Dewey for your generosity and willingness to help with my project. 

then came Betsy #5

It was a delight to shoot Betsy. Although it was still early(10:30) and quite chilly (high 40's), she was willing to try every pose I presented. I think this image reflects her sophistication and calm spirit. But, you can't miss those blue eyes and rosy cheeks!

Thank you, Betsy, for agreeing to be part of my project!

Friday, January 11, 2013

the Huntington shoot begins with Edna #4

After confirming sixteen class members, I drove to Huntington on November 1st. On the way to the hotel, I stopped at the high school to look at the condition of the stairs and the portico since I was going to take the shots outside.  When I attended Huntington High, I don't remember thinking that the architecture was anything special, but as I stood on the sidewalk on Eighth Street, I was amazed at what a beautiful building it was and still is; it has withstood time and maintained its beauty. The replacement windows and doors made me a little sad...I was hoping to see the original doors and windows, but that was too much to ask for since the building is over one hundred years old! I doubt if Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams have a paint that could have saved the doors...okay, maybe the Martha Stewart brand at Home Depot could, but it was too late. I'm just kidding.

The morning of November 2nd, I arrived at Huntington High early to set up. I met the woman in charge of the apartments for the Housing Authority and Patty Justice who volunteers for the theater group that is housed there. Patty offered to show me around the building and unfortunately during my tour, my first shoot came and left because she couldn't find me! That would be Edna. Fortunately for me she reappeared and we were able to talk and shoot and talk and shoot. 

Edna was so much fun to photograph. Notice the red and blue? How appropriate!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

the chip shot #3

I don't know that much about golf, so instead of writing about Tiger and his pals, I'll just go ahead with my plan and write about my classmates...this one is about Chip.

About a week after I sent out the letter on Facebook, I got a call from Chip telling me that he would be driving through Atlanta with his father and would be able to stop for his shoot. He lives near Nashville and was traveling home from Florida. 

He and his dad arrived in my driveway on a sunny morning in early September. When I met his dad I offered them the opportunity to photograph the two of them before shooting Chip by himself. They agreed, and off we went to the garage. 

His dad had a wonderful friendly and happy and willing to do what I asked. He was wearing a blue oxford shirt, khaki pants and a hat! Such a cool guy! After I took several shots of them, his dad went back to the comfort of the car and waited...patiently. 

Then it was Chip's turn. What can I say, the guy loves the camera. Because we had an hour or so to shoot, I took over a hundred shots in a bunch of different poses. This is one of many that I like. Don't ya wonder what he's thinking?

This was a fun shoot. I loved hearing his stories...he has many. What an interesting life he has far.

Next post: the Huntington shoot begins with Edna