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Monday, April 22, 2013

wild Wayne #22

It was day 2 of the Florida shoot and I was on my way south on 95 to Ponce Inlet, where I was going to meet Wayne Ernest, his wife Peggy, Lynn Reeser Fischer and her family. Lynn suggested this area and I'm so glad she did. Although it's not the easiest to find if you haven't been around Florida, it was truly a beautiful location. The inlet is separated from Daytona Beach by the Halifax River. Unfortunately I didn't have time to photograph the bright red lighthouse; there was never enough time. 

Wayne was such a good sport. He allowed Lynn, Peggy, and I to primp a little and make a few adjustments. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it? After a few minutes, I captured that handsome smile and perfect pose. Doesn't he look great in that bright green shirt? I also love those cool non-glare glasses. That made my processing so much easier! 

I can't forget to thank Lynn's husband, Bob, for holding the reflector. That was no easy job, and I really appreciate it! Bet you're wondering why I titled this "wild Wayne"...well, he surprised us with one pose that I DID NOT suggest. Scroll down and you'll see it. He was a hoot!

1 comment:

  1. Nancy, found your blog.

    What a FUN shoot. All you women did a great job and Fred? Good sport! Love this! Congrats!

    Connie Browne Smith