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Monday, February 4, 2013

lovely Lynn #12

The title was going to be "lovely leaning Lynn," but that just sounded wrong, so I went with lovely Lynn. This pose may look easy, but it's a little complicated. She needed to look relaxed and natural, but that's easier said than done because of the dapples...the spots of sun peeping through the bushes and landing right on her face. So the only way to get the shot was to have her lean her head on the railing without looking like a contortionist! Not that it's a bad thing, mind you, just not in this pose or in the project. I read a trilogy this summer that actually describes contortionist postures, but we'll just let that go. 

I hope Lynn's image reflects her quiet and thoughtful spirit. When she looks at you through her twinkling eyes, you know that she "gets" it. That pink sweater next to the aging railing with the green grass in the background created an amazing, colorful photo. 

Lynn, thanks for all of your help and your support. Hope to see you in Florida in two weeks! 

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