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Friday, October 19, 2012

getting ready

A few days ago, a high school friend sent me an email, responding to one I had sent earlier. This friend, who happens to be THE FIRST PERSON who responded to my "all-call" on Facebook, offered to help me with my project and even offered to help defray my expenses. Another friend invited me stay at her house while I was in Huntington for the first shoot. Others have given me names to include in the project and another offered to help me find those who have moved or were impossible to locate. One night I was talking with a friend and mentioned that I was interested in different poses. Two days later, I received in the mail,  about 15 poses that she took the time to tear out of magazines. 

I mention this because I am humbled by the responses that I have received; the support has been overwhelming. I can't figure out why they are agreeing to do this. Maybe it was the letter I sent that convinced them to give it a try or maybe they liked the idea. For whatever reason, it takes a ton of self-confidence for my classmates to agree to do this. 

Even with all of this support, I still worry and I'm constantly thinking about it.  I'm always planning...what to do in case of rain, what to do if it gets dark before I'm done, what if it's windy, what if they don't show, what if they're late, what if it's cold and my fingers won't work,...what if, what if, what if. The angst is going to kill me!

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