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Friday, January 11, 2013

the Huntington shoot begins with Edna #4

After confirming sixteen class members, I drove to Huntington on November 1st. On the way to the hotel, I stopped at the high school to look at the condition of the stairs and the portico since I was going to take the shots outside.  When I attended Huntington High, I don't remember thinking that the architecture was anything special, but as I stood on the sidewalk on Eighth Street, I was amazed at what a beautiful building it was and still is; it has withstood time and maintained its beauty. The replacement windows and doors made me a little sad...I was hoping to see the original doors and windows, but that was too much to ask for since the building is over one hundred years old! I doubt if Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams have a paint that could have saved the doors...okay, maybe the Martha Stewart brand at Home Depot could, but it was too late. I'm just kidding.

The morning of November 2nd, I arrived at Huntington High early to set up. I met the woman in charge of the apartments for the Housing Authority and Patty Justice who volunteers for the theater group that is housed there. Patty offered to show me around the building and unfortunately during my tour, my first shoot came and left because she couldn't find me! That would be Edna. Fortunately for me she reappeared and we were able to talk and shoot and talk and shoot. 

Edna was so much fun to photograph. Notice the red and blue? How appropriate!

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