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Friday, March 22, 2013

prudent Priscilla #18

I'll bet you five dollars that you thought I was going to title Priscilla's shoot, "prissy Priscilla" which she's not, or "pretty Priscilla" which she is, but I think prudent just fits. Discreet and sensible...that's her; she's also so darn sweet. After photographing thirteen classmates in two days, I was starting to drag a little and then came Priscilla, accompanied by my long-time friend, Judy Stark Conard. Seeing Judy brought back so many happy memories...I remember riding to Miller Elementary with Mrs. Stark and Judy every day for a year. This was such a luxury because for the first five years of elementary, I walked with the neighborhood kids to Simms cars, no buses, just our feet! 

Back to Priscilla. Like so many other classmates, she agreed to lots of poses in different areas of the school. I think we would all agree that she looks much like she did in high school (only better) with her pretty brown hair and big brown eyes. 

Thanks for making my last Huntington shoot so easy! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

marvelous Marsha #17

And that is what she is...marvelous. Such a seriously sweet person and so full of joy. Her eyes sparkle and her face lights up with that bright green jacket. She also wore a unique necklace that doesn't show in this image, but it will in the image that I hope to put in the book. As with most of the classmates, which I photographed at our old HHS building, we moved all over the steps. This one was taken on the street level, shaded from the sun, that was just appearing overhead.  

Thanks, Marsha for taking the time to come to the shoot. I'm sure you would rather have been playing golf!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

lovely Linda #16

I was fortunate to photography Linda on the same day as Tia and Karen. As I mentioned before, the conditions, as far as lighting goes, were almost perfect. Linda was so easy to work with...such a delight to shoot...very agreeable. With her height, I thought the stairs pose would be effective, and I was right! Her eyes popped and her smile was contagious. 

Although she was on a tight schedule, she acted as though she was  in no hurry. I loved hearing about all of the cities she has lived in, as well as her different careers. Thanks, Linda! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

the very capable Karen #15

When I started planning my trip to Huntington last fall, I had a few problems getting in touch with a few of our classmates who I thought would want to be part of this project. Several friends offered to help with the search, but I soon discovered that Karen was my "go to". The girl can find anyone. She gave me phone numbers and even called a few herself. 

I photographer her at the perfect time of day...not a lot of sun and just a few clouds. As you can tell, she's very photogenic. 

Thanks for all of your help, Karen. I hope you'll be around to help me beat the bushes when I return in early May!

Friday, March 1, 2013

terrific Tia #14

This pose was an experiment. I never shoot up on an adult, but we were playing around, and it worked! Tia had a few requests and I did my best to comply. She made me laugh during this entire session...hard to take pics when you're laughing so.darn.hard! I focused on her blue eyes because they were so bright and beautiful! I need to thank Karen for lending her the red coat...made the whole image pop. 

Tia, you made my day. Thanks for participating.