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Thursday, January 3, 2013

the chip shot #3

I don't know that much about golf, so instead of writing about Tiger and his pals, I'll just go ahead with my plan and write about my classmates...this one is about Chip.

About a week after I sent out the letter on Facebook, I got a call from Chip telling me that he would be driving through Atlanta with his father and would be able to stop for his shoot. He lives near Nashville and was traveling home from Florida. 

He and his dad arrived in my driveway on a sunny morning in early September. When I met his dad I offered them the opportunity to photograph the two of them before shooting Chip by himself. They agreed, and off we went to the garage. 

His dad had a wonderful friendly and happy and willing to do what I asked. He was wearing a blue oxford shirt, khaki pants and a hat! Such a cool guy! After I took several shots of them, his dad went back to the comfort of the car and waited...patiently. 

Then it was Chip's turn. What can I say, the guy loves the camera. Because we had an hour or so to shoot, I took over a hundred shots in a bunch of different poses. This is one of many that I like. Don't ya wonder what he's thinking?

This was a fun shoot. I loved hearing his stories...he has many. What an interesting life he has far.

Next post: the Huntington shoot begins with Edna

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