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Thursday, April 25, 2013

exquisite Elaine #23

After leaving Ponce Inlet, I was back on 95 heading for Sebastian. This was an extremely meaningful shoot for me because I was photographing my long-time friend, Elaine Murphy Napier. I remember when I first met her...or at least I think I do. We were in the second grade and lived only a block from each other. Those childhood summers were magical. Elaine, my cousin Jackie, and I spent summer evenings playing hide and seek with the other neighborhood kids until it got dark. During the day, when the sun became too hot we played jacks and pick up sticks on my grandmother's front porch...the concrete was cool and smooth. When it rained, we built dams in the street getting muddy, but having a great time! I can remember playing "movie stars," "robin hood," "store," "school," "beauty shop," and even "cowboys, and indians." I wish I still had my turquoise Annie Oakley holster. 

It had been several, maybe 15 years, since we had seen each other, but we picked up where we left off. We talked as fast as we could to catch up on each other's lives. As always, Elaine let me be the bossy one as I told her to stand here, turn here, tilt your head this way, put your glasses on, take your glasses off and smile, smile, smile! 

After I finished photographing her we had a few minutes to sit and talk a little longer. Larry, her husband joined us and Michelle, her younger daughter, stopped by with her darling baby boy. I'm sorry that I missed seeing her older daughter, Nancy. There just wasn't enough time. 

Elaine is and always has been a beauty...inside and out. Some things never change. Love you, babe. 

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