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Monday, February 11, 2013

serene Sharyn #13

Sharyn came to the shoot late in the day. You would think that she would be tired and maybe a little weary after working all day, but NO, not Sharyn! She looked great...bright blue sweater and a smiling face. Judging from the condition of her flawless skin, she didn't spend hours on the beach slathered in iodine and baby oil like some of us. Smart girl.  She was calm and tranquil during entire shoot; she just went with it. 

All of my classmates have been so much fun to shoot, and Sharyn is one that made it fun AND easy. Thank you Sharyn for coming to the shoot even though it was chilly. You could have been in your warm home, but you took the time to come to the shoot and I appreciate it! 

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