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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the planning

In August I began making lists...names, addresses (especially those who lived in Huntington), emails,  and who was on Facebook. I knew lots of classmates had already hit 65 and many more would be 65 in the fall. I needed to send out a letter explaining the project and decided that the first group to receive the letter would be those on Facebook. The second group would be those who had emails printed in the notebook that we received at the last reunion. THAT was a great help. 

Below is the letter that was sent to those on Facebook, those who made their emails available, and those who lived in Huntington who I couldn't find on Facebook or have their emails.

Hello to the Huntington High School Class of 1965!

Since I left education after 30 years, I have been “heavily” involved in photography. Currently I’m shooting portraits, mostly children. (N McCorkle Photography on Facebook) When I began, I shot mostly beach and I said I would never shoot anything that breathed. But after taking a People Photography class, everything changed. I enjoy taking the shot, but the fun starts in the processing. I use Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

So here’s where all of you come in. (I know Mrs. Heath wouldn’t like that sentence.) I’m doing a photography project titled, “The Huntington High School Class of ’65 at 65.  I want to photograph you and then publish the images in a photography book of the same name. If you agree to let me photograph you, I will process your image/images, put them on a CD and mail them to you. Then you and I will choose which image you would like to have printed in my book. The book is for me, but if you want one, you’ll be able to purchase one whenever I choose a publisher.

The problem here is logistics. I live in Atlanta and you live all over the place. I know some of you live near Atlanta, i.e. South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee, but most of you live in Huntington. I think this can be worked out. I need to photograph you while you are still 65. The clock is ticking!

I plan to be in Huntington this November 1-3. I’ll be back in the spring or sooner, if needed. There is so much more to tell you about this project, but for now this is enough.

This project has been in the planning stage for three years. I have only discussed it with a few of you to get your opinions. I realize that other classes will take my idea and develop it for their groups. I just want to publish ours first!

For those of you on Facebook, you are the first to hear about this. The next group will be those who put their email addresses in the notebooks that we were given at the last reunion. The third group will be those who gave only their addresses. Lastly will be those who live far away, i.e. CA, CO, WA and beyond. You are welcome to copy and paste this letter and email it to anyone to whom you think would be interested.

Those of you in Huntington who are interested in participating, please email me and tell me what days you would like to be photographed. (If you don’t live in the Huntington area, I can still try to include you.) Plan on an hour. I would love to hear any suggestions or ideas that you might have. This project will provide you with a great image of yourself at no charge and allow me to do what I love. Besides, the timing is perfect!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Nancy McCorkle  (the email address in the notebook is incorrect)
Or message me on FB

The responses I received were very encouraging. I was thrilled that so many were willing to participate in the project. But before I began scheduling the first "big" shoot in Huntington, a few surprised me here in Atlanta. 

next post: the shooting begins

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