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Monday, May 12, 2014

Rick #42

Rick absolutely cracks me up! He has a dry wit that seeps out when you don't expect it. As you can tell, we had to shoot downstairs because of the sun. This image was taken with Rick sitting on a stool, but I also took some with him standing. As with all shots, I focus on the eyes, hold the button down half way and then move the camera down to get the full body shot.I guess moving the camera and shooting at his midsection, caused him some concern. When he questioned my actions, I just about fell off the ladder laughing.  

Then he started laughing and I got that shot! That's the one I want to put in the book, but that's his decision. 

Rick, thanks for coming and taking part in this project. I had a great time shooting you. You are such a nice guy. You always were, and you still are. 

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