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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

David #38

David arrived on a motorcycle for his shoot at noon. The sun was still kind of hidden, so I was able to get some shots of him on the portico and in front of the building. As you probably already know, this shot was in front of the front doors. It looks like there is a little graffiti on the column behind him.  You can bet it wasn't there when we went to HHS. Can you just imaging what they would have done to us if we had done that? 

I'm so glad that David wore the blue shirt. It makes shows off his beard and eyes...well if you could see the other images that are on his CD, you would see his blue eyes! 

Thanks for taking a chance and being a part of my project, David. You were easy to work with and willing to do what I asked. See you in 2015. Oh, one more thing. Since you are on the reunion committee, do you think you could get us a little 60's soul?

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