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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Buttons #33

Buttons (aka Arthur) and I met at the top of Kennesaw Mountain on a sunny day, last spring. This park is huge and has beautiful views of Atlanta, so there were lots of scenic areas in which to shoot. Being the good sport that he is, he was willing to try lots of poses as we moved from place to place. This image gives you some idea of the beauty of park...and having Buttons pose here just makes it better! 

One of the advantages of doing this project is that I get to spend time with our classmates. Before this shoot, all I knew about Buttons was that he was a great basketball player and went to Old Dominion. However, after talking to him I learned so much more. He has had a remarkable past...I should've taken notes. Pat Conroy mentioned him is his book, "My Losing Season." He wrote that Buttons and another player were the first blacks to play in the Armory on the Citadel campus. Who knew? There is so much more, but not enough time. Judging by that big smile, he is one happy guy! Thank you for meeting me and taking the time to catch up! 

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