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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Judy #32

Judy was my last shoot in Florida. She and her husband live only a few minutes from I 75, so getting to her house was no problem. It was a heck of a lot easier than finding Pass-A-Grille. Now that I think about it, any place on this earth would be easier to navigate than that beach town! I blame the bridge. 

When I arrived, Judy was ready and willing to get started. Her lovely backyard was just a perfect spot to shoot. The blue and green combination she wore made her blue eyes twinkle. 

I've known Judy since we were children. Although we attended different elementary schools, we both went to First United Methodist Church. When I told her that I had a picture of a Christmas pagent from the 1950's in which she was Mary, she told me that her father took that picture! 

Judy's sweet smile comes easy to her. She has a good-natured spirit who is living happily in her new home in Florida. Could this happiness be because she is living closer to her children and grandchildren?  

It was wonderful catching up after 40 or so years. Thank you for being part of my project. 

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