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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jahala #45

What a delight it was to photograph Jahala. When I look at this pic, I think of that song, Happy. I just bet she loves it. Jahala was a music teacher...that explains it. I know lots of, well, several music teachers and they all seem so cheerful and well, happy. 

Here's an interesting fact. Jahala's mother named her after my oldest sister, Jahala Ann. Where did my mother come up with that name, you ask?  The story goes that my mother was sitting in her obstetrician's office (Dr. Humphries) reading a story in a magazine. In that story was a woman named Jahala. Mother liked it and BAM the decision was made. What I don't know is how Jahala's mother heard about my sister. Nobody knows. 

As I mentioned before, it was a delight to photograph Jahala. I hope you can see her glow. What a great attitude she has. Could it be her strong faith? Probably. 

Thank you, Jahala for coming to the shoot and being in my project. 

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